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October 1, 2012
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My Delicate One by SuperMeja My Delicate One by SuperMeja
Ryan can be found here:

Okay.... Story-TIMEU!!
They were partners at work. She was his shield and sword. She admired his spirit and his frailty. He admired Ultima's power and cold nature.

When Ultima found out that Ryan's wife was a slut that made a habit of ruining families, neglect her son , and often abused and scarred Ryan.

One night, at the hospital after another "accidental stabbing", Ryan is distraught when his wife leaves with their son, most likely to trade the child for drugs. He didn't want Ultima to get involved--but Ultima ALWAYS knows--- but she was already hunting the woman down.

Ultima was fed up with the disgusting woman's shit....

There was nothing left of Ryan's wife at the crime scene but some hair, a broken jaw bone, and blood stains that covered the entire backside of an abandoned building.

The police force decided to just deemed the case as closed stating the wife left the country. Who was going to doubt the words of a violently pissed off Dhampir police detective?

Years have passed, and Ultima has claimed Ryan as her mate. She's also claimed his son as her own. The family is expecting another child between each other.

But has Ultima finally sated her rage? Not at all. She'd soon rip your face off for looking at her funny. Thankfully, Ryan and their growing family will never see that side of her. Most of the time Ryan and son won't know what people are talking about.

"She's the sweetest, most delicate woman. I've ever known. Why would you say something like that about Ultima?"
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xscenodollx Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist
OMG, why can't my sims games be this interesting? It's like they have no mind of their own, theres no drama D: I have no custom stuff though, it's all but EA, so that means I also have no mods. Is that why?
SuperMeja Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Max that Free Will UP!!!!!!
Ryan's ex wife a slut I just heard that and the first thing that came to me is too call manga and Slap the fuck out of her
SuperMeja Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Oh my gawd. It was crazy. I blame the custom Story Progression i downloaded. I don't interfere with my sims, but this sim-- Ryan's ex--- was out of fucking control.

What really happened:
She was woo-hooing everybody. Almost every male sim I checked had 'romantic interest' on her. She broke up my Self-Sim's house. Destroyed the Alto family. Leon and Claire almost broke up-- they split, but moved back together.

This chick tried to mess with Albert Wesker-- I assumed-- because I got a pop-up saying that Jill beat her up.... and then the Wesker daughters also seemed to randomly beat this ... hyper-slut up. It was pop-up spam of all the Wesker females and Jill laying her out.

Ryan had a 2nd wife, Lily Bo Chique. She remarried some big vampire dude. I guess it was a mutual friendly parting, because Ryan and Lily are BFFs. Lily Bo's new husband is also best friends with Ryan.

They even freaking hate the ex. Y'know you've got to be a special breed of asshole for a dude's ex wife and new hubby to hate you MORE. Some pop-ups involved Lily Bo either getting into a yelling match with the ex- or downright beating her up.

My final straw was when I intervened, and forced her to move back in with Ryan and their son. I even tweaked their relationship panel so they could like each other. I was floored. The first thing she does after hugging him and slapping him and then yelling at him and humiliating him. Then she ignored every command I gave her to apologize, and to tend to her child. She picked the baby up and placed him on the balcony. Then she returned to Ryan and slapped him again & made him cry. She started laughing and decided to assault the damn babysitter. Ryan went to tend to the baby, and the ex- actually interrupted his actions to assault him--- AGAIN.

I was like: "Y'know what.... Fuck this."

I set her on fire.

Ryan cried his ass off... but his mood started improving within seconds. The babysitter started cheering. Even the damn baby stopped crying and started feeling happy again.

Some sim-days later, after moving everyone to a bigger town, I noticed that the baby had become a teen. I also noticed that Ryan was often at Ultima's house.... A LOT. I found out that he was a cop, Ultima was his partner.... and engaged?! I also noticed that Ultima was not wearing the clothes I put on her and was waddling.

OH SNAP, Ryan knocked Ultima up. I actually thought Ultima was gay. She had been dating girls throughout her teens! I married them and they seem so happy together. Ultima's house was humongous, so she just moved Ryan's son in as well.

Last time I played them, Ultima wanted another baby & I think she wants for Ryan's son to settle down and make some grandkids.
Damn Ryan's Ex sounds bad. Good riddance to bad Rubbish
Delicate, huh? Oh, sweet naivety.
SuperMeja Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yeah, that's what made Ultima fall for him.
lol The nativity part or him being delicate? :3
SuperMeja Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Ultima: "Both."

Ryan: O_O
lol. Go ahead girl. :D
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